The new era of shared decision making in joint replacement surgery is here.

Your potential joint replacement surgery patient asks: “How high are the risks of my surgery?”

How would you answer?

It’s not easy to give an accurate answer to this, even if you are an experienced surgeon. Especially when the patient has a combination of several risk factors.

Meet Oravizio, world's first CE certified medical software for assessing the risks of joint replacement surgeries

Based on high-quality clinical data from over 44,000 surgeries, Oravizio helps you to estimate the risks of an individual operation and communicate the risks to the patient. The ultimate goal is to help you make the best decision – together with the patient.

  • 1. Enter 7-15 facts about your patient, such as:

    • Birth year, Height, Weight, Sex
    • Joint to be operated (hip or knee)
    • Primary cause
    • ASA class
    • Drugs and Diagnoses
    • Laboratory results
  • 2. You will be shown the risks in an informative way, so you can:

    • Evaluate the risks
    • Discuss them with your patient
    • Make a shared decision about his/her treatment

How Oravizio works? See demo!

"I think this tool takes preoperative risk assessment and shared decision making to a completely new level in orthopaedic surgery."
Antti Eskelinen, Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon, Research Director, Coxa
Antti Eskelinen, Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon, Research Director, Coxa
"It’s an impressive database that has been analysed: 30,000 patients and more than 500 variables. I believe that this represents the best available methodology."
Jonas Ranstam, Professor, an award-winning medical statistician, Lund University, Sweden
  • Knowledge from 35M+ data points

    Oravizio is based on Coxa’s in-depth clinical understanding and knowledge from research literature, and Solita’s top-notch capability of data science. We used high-quality clinical data from 44,000+ surgeries, with 800 pre-operational variables and data points related to each surgery.

    That’s more than any human could ever master.

    But for Oravizio, that’s just the start. And now all of that information is right at your fingertips!

  • 1

    We collected high-quality clinical data from 44,000 surgeries during 2008–2019 at Coxa, the leading joint replacement hospital in the Nordics.

  • 2

    We developed 3 different models to predict the post-operative risks of the surgery.

  • 3

    We trained and tested models which impressed orthopaedic surgeons in the pilot, as well as an award-winning medical statistician.

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